Speech Therapy Marin


A few testimonials to give you peace of mind.

Speech Therapy Marin is a mobile, private practice serving Marin and San Francisco, providing speech and language therapy and social skill development for children of all ages.

Megan K.

Beyond being a wonderfully skilled speech therapist, Kris has a natural aptitude for interacting with children and adults alike in a caring and supportive manner.

I first met Kris in 2010 as a graduate student of speech therapy, and she has continued to be an invaluable resource for me as a budding clinician. Her listening ear and sound support/advice have helped me navigate through the multifaceted world of speech-language therapy. Her passion for mentoring students and speech therapists alike is evident through her attention to detail, individualized advice, and compassionate demeanor.

Whether you’re looking for speech therapy for yourself or a loved one, or a competent mentor for advice/guidance, Speech Therapy Marin is a wise place to start.

Sheila S.

We HIGHLY recommend Kris! She is incredible with children and truly an expert at her craft. She has worked closely with our daughter (4 years old) and helped her make significant improvements in her speech therapy in a very short amount of time. Kris immediately formed a wonderful bond with our daughter and it the results followed quickly. I can’t say enough amazing things about Kris – she’s absolutely terrific.

Elaine N.

Kris has been delightful to work with and was absolutely the perfect person to help my 13 year old son with his lisp. She made their meetings pleasant and productive and has helped him to learn techniques that have corrected his lisp in a very short time. He is now more confident and self assured as a result.

Cecilia D.

Kris started seeing our 6 yo son in Aug 2015 for some speech issues that were identified in his Kindergarten year, and she saw him weekly until Dec 2015. We were really happy with Kris’s work with our son. She was quite adept at sensing his needs, helping him with his speech issues but also the related social issues that would come up during their sessions. She is a skilled, knowledgeable, and professional therapist, and made the sessions quite enjoyable for my son (he was really quite sad when he found out about their last session). In addition to her actual speech therapy expertise, I appreciated Kris’s responsiveness to my questions, accommodations to our changing schedules (she had sessions at our house and at the school), prompt billing, calm and supportive demeanor, and honesty about the work that my son needed or didn’t need. We had seen other speech therapist (for this son and my other son), and by far, I think Kris has been the best one. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a child speech therapist. And she is also very nice!

Briana S.

Our 4.5 yo son worked with Kris weekly for 4-5 months and in that time he caught up with his delayed sounds, he has more awareness around his mouth/tongue position when enunciating certain words and he is able to self correct when needed. We have had many family members and friends comment on his improvements and we feel this experience made a positive shift in his overall self confidence.

Our experience with Kris was fabulous and we would recommend her services to anyone looking for a speech therapist! Kris has a creative way of making each session fun while accomplishing a lot of solid practice within the session time. Not only is it incredibly convenient for us as parents for her to come to our home, we found that our son was much more comfortable interacting with her in his familiar surroundings. She is very knowledgable, professional and a pleasure to work with.

Beatrice C.

Kris is is a wonderful, very skilled, extremely qualified and easy to talk to person. She has helped our 8 year old daughter immensely and introduced us to a great computer program for kids with auditory processing issues.

Ryan K.

Kris has been fantastic to work with. She’s organized, patient, thoughtful and an effective communicator. Our son really likes her and has made some great progress. She’s been on top of working with us and our son’s school to make sure each session is an efficient use of time. Highly recommended.

Chris S.

Kris worked wonders with our son. He was having a hard time with pre-school, and we were fearful of how he was going to do in Kindergarten. Kris jumped right in, and our sons progress this past year has been phenomenal. Kris is 150% invested in the children she works with, and is exceptionally skilled in her work.

Our son successfully completed his kindergarten year and is on his way to 1st grade! Kris played a large part to his success. We look forward to continuing our journey with her support, and would recommend her to anyone!