Speech Therapy Marin

Consultation Sessions

An initial 15 minute complementary phone consultation is a screening to determine if a therapy session is warranted, and if so, to book the first appointment.

A subsequent consultation session is recommended after the first one to three therapy sessions with your child in order to have an in-depth discussion regarding the initial observations in therapy, and what the influences and factors are that support and challenge your child’s speech/language learning skills.

Additional consultation sessions may be scheduled at any time during the therapeutic process.  They can be requested by the parent or recommended by the service provider when time and attention is needed beyond the weekly update.  Consultation sessions support generalization of skills and facilitation of comprehensive progress.

Fast ForWord Consultation
A consultation session is required prior to beginning the Fast ForWord program in order to determine if the program is required for your child, and review the demos and other requirements of participation.

Consultation sessions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Child’s present levels of performance/strengths and needs
  • Therapy history
  • Current progress
  • Recommendations to support generalization at home, school and in therapy sessions
  • Parent/teacher observations
  • Educational setting
  • Peer interaction/social skill development
  • Co-treating or referral to other service providers (Speech/Physical/Occupational therapy, Psychotherapy)
  • Analysis of prior assessments (Speech/PT/OT/Psycho-educational/Neuropsychological)
  • Current evaluation needs
  • Family dynamics